My name is Curtis Simpson and I am not your ordinary photographer, but before we into that, let's get into the deets. I have been a professional photographer for six years and a photojournalist for five years. One of the unique aspects of my photography is that journalistic touch. I will set up a picture (got to have the jumping shot with your bridal shower) but one of my favorite things is to grab that untouched candid moment. You know the picture you see in National Geographic? That one photo of an isolated moment in time completely unique and individual to all other events in all of history? Well that is just one of the many reasons why I am a photographer. My love for photography is for the preservation of that unique moment in time for others to cherish and to share.

So you want someone to be your photographer? Do you hire Uncle Bob with his new camera he purchased for his business trip? What about the hipster photographer who only uses hipstamatic? What I bring to the table, as a photographer, is servanthood. Of all the things I love, being a servant to others is my largest passion. I want my clients to be happy. I want them to be relaxed. I want to bring out their true emotions when they are in front of the camera. Most importantly, I want them to be happy with the final product and leave with a new friend. I will go to any lengths to ensure that. If you are reading this, feel free to shoot me an email and let's get started on preserving your special moments in time.